What does P4P mean?
P4P stands for "Pay for Production". For P4P items, you will be paying for the manufacturing cost, packaging materials, and payment fees. Starting from 2023 onwards, we will move away from the strict, traditional form of P4P for most of our items; more details can be found in our statement posted in November 2022 here.
How long will it take for preorder items to arrive to me?
Manufacturing usually takes a few months, and added to the shipping time, you can expect to wait approximately 2-4 months for each preorder. Specific fulfillment estimates are listed in the description for each preorder item.
Are your preorders open or limited?
2020-2022: All preorders and drops set to limited quantities, with no open preorders. The only exception to this was charity preorders.
2023 onwards: Most regular preorders are Open Preorder for 48 hours; charity preorders will typically be Open Preorder for a set time period.
Are your items Limited Edition/Will you restock?
Most of our merch is open for future restocks based on interest. Our goal is to make our merch accessible to everyone, so don't worry if you miss a first-run preorder! Limited edition pins will be labeled as such; please visit our Schedule for more details!
Will you have instocks for sale after preorders?
Yes, we will usually have a very small amount of items after preorders are sent out. These quantities are always very limited, averaging 10-15 pieces. Leftovers may be sold on the site or in the Discord server, depending on the situation.
Can I cancel my preorder?
No, as per our shop policy, all orders (preorders and instocks) are final and cannot be cancelled. You may email us if you do not wish to receive your items for some reason, but you will not receive a monetary refund.
My item came damaged. Can I get my money back?
Refunds for damaged or heavily flawed items may be granted within reason on a case-by-case basis, provided the buyer contacts us within four weeks of the mailing date with clear photos and descriptions of the damage/flaw(s). However, note that we are not responsible for damages that may have occurred during transit.
Can I combine orders from different drops?
Typically, we do not allow combining orders. Announcements will be made when combine requests are accepted.
Can I change my delivery address?
Delivery addresses may be updated as long as they are submitted via email or Discord before the address change deadline. Please include your order number and updated address in the email.
Where are you located?
Our artists are from different countries all around the world, but shipping will be from the USA.
Can you ship to "____"?
Yes, we can ship worldwide! During holiday seasons, however, INTL shipping may be temporarily suspended.
How much is shipping?
As much as possible, we currently have flat-rate shipping fees for all orders. The price typically varies from $5-8 USD.
All packages will be sent with tracking!
How long does shipping take?
→ USA: 5-10 days
→ INTL: anywhere from 2 ~ 8 weeks, maybe more
We do not control the post office; your patience is greatly appreciated in regards to shipping speeds!
I'm from the UK/EU. How can I order?
You may place your order as usual, but note that all UK/EU packages will be undervalued and VAT/Customs tax may still be charged upon delivery.
What are group orders, and how do they work?
Group Orders are arranged for INTL customers to save on shipping. If you want to join one, be sure to keep your eyes open on Twitter, which is where they will be posted. Keep in mind that GOs may not always be available for all drops.
Please direct any additional questions or inquiries to email or our Discord server, where we have a channel set up specifically for questions.

completed projects

Keep in mind that all pin designs except for LE ones may be restocked in the future!
Acrylic designs are typically one-time only.

Thank you so much for supporting our charity projects; without you, we would not have been able to accomplish the following. The finance sheet for each charity project can be viewed by clicking on the "Project Title".

Project TitleDonation AmountDonated ToTimeframe
March 2022 Charity Pins$8,400 USDUnicef (for children of Ukraine), WRRAP, Abortion FundsMarch - June (2022)
June 2022 Charity Pins$11,270 USDTrevor Project, Outright INTL, UNICEFJune - Nov (2022)
March 2023 Charity Pins$7,250 USDUnicef (for Turkey/Syria victims)March - May (2023)
June 2023 Charity Pins$9,197 USDOutright INTL, National Center for Transgender Equality, Maui Strong FundJune - Aug (2023)
Oct. 2023 Charity Pins$8,660 USDGaza Humanitarian Aid (UNRWA + PCRF)Oct - Jan (2024)
Feb. 2024 Charity Pins$951.36 USDPeace Winds Japan for East Japan Earthquake/TsunamiFebruary (2024)
March 2024 Charity Pins$8,170 USDPCRFMarch (2024)
Project TitleTimeframeShipped ByLimited Edition?
P4P 1Nov - Dec (2020)Kimno
P4P 2Jan - April 2021Kimno
P4P 3April - Aug (2021)Kimno
Hualian Mini P4PJune - Aug (2021)Kimno
Bingpup Mini P4PJuly ~ Aug (2021)Lotusno
P4P 4 (Omamori)Aug - Sept (2021)Kimno
Tassel WX Mini P4PSept (2021)Kimno
P4P 5 (MDZS Trios)Sept - Nov (2021)Kimno
P4P 6 (Ninzephyr)Sept - Nov (2021)Kimno
P4P 7 (MDZS Trios, Pt. 2)Nov - Dec (2021)Kimno
Chibi Hualian+BeefleafNov (2021)Kimyes
Drunk Lans Mini P4PNov (2021)Anno
Tassel HL Mini P4PDec (2021)Kimno
2HA Mini P4PDec (2021)Kimno
P4P 8 (Amidst the Flowers)Nov - Feb (2021)Anno
Project TitleTimeframeShipped ByLimited Edition?
Mini SV P4PMarch (2022)Lotusyes
P4P 9 (WWX Stamps)Nov (2021) - March (2022)Paurino
Trios Restock POFeb - April (2022)Cymno
xevnne RanwanMarch - April (2022)Kumono
P4P 10 (Jiphee Hualian)April - June (2022)Lotusno
Mini Mixed Restock POApril - June (2022)Paurino
P4P 11 (Ninzephyr Yanshen)May - Sept (2022)Cymno
Jiphee Hualian RestockJuly (2022)Kimno
xevnne P4P RerunAugust (2022)Paurino
Tassel BQ Mini P4PAugust (2022)Kimno
SaltyHamRamen P4P 12June - August (2022)Kimno
P4P 13 Galaxysodas BingpupsJuly - August (2022)Kimno
P4P 14 Galaxysodas BflfJuly - Sept (2022)Kimyes
Zany Print P4PAug - Sept (2022)Kimno
P4P 16 Jiphee Ranwan pt. 2Aug - Sept (2022)Kimno
xevnne LE BingqiuAug - Sept (2022)Kimyes
Instock SaleSept (2022)Kimn/a
P4P 15 Ninzephyr MXTX ChibisAug - Oct (2022)Kimno
Instock SaleNov (2022)Kimn/a
LE Twin PridesSept - Nov (2022)Kimyes
Papoosh Festival ChibisSept - Nov (2022)Kimno
Misc. TGCF P4POct - Nov (2022)Kimno
Makkirollart Jin Ling P4POct - Dec (2022)Kimno
Project TitleTimeframeShipped ByLimited Edition?
Instock SaleJan (2023)Kimn/a
Zany Hua ChengzhuOct - Feb (2022-23)Kimno
Tiny MXTX Rerun + ExpansionJan - Feb (2023)Kimyes
Meruod Chonks RerunJan - March (2023)Kumono
Wei Hualian SetFeb - March (2023)Kimyes
Ninzephyr RanwanJan - April (2023)Pauriyes
Instock SaleMay 13 (2023)Kimn/a
Instock SaleMay 20 (2023)Kimn/a
Torikii Drunk Lans RerunJune (2023)Paurino
Zany Hualian Window SetsMay - June (2023)Kimno
P4P Bingpup RerunMay - June (2023)Kumoyes
Ninzephyr Chibi SetsJune (2023)Kimyes
Instock SaleJuly (2023)Kimn/a
Kmori TGCF TeapotsJune - Aug (2023)Paurino
P4P Galaxysodas JC/JLJune - Aug (2023)Kumono
Xevnne MXTX Tassel RerunJuly - Aug (2023)Pauriyes
Zany Hua Chengzhu RerunJuly - Sept (2023)Kimno
Zany Hualian AU ChibisJuly - Sept (2023)Kumono
SaltyHamRamen Bingqiu P4PSept (2023)Pauriyes
MXTX Terrarium PinsSept - Oct (2023)Kumono
Teri TGCF PinsNov (2023)Anno
Instock SaleNov (2023)Kimn/a
Akkurara Hualian & FengQingSept - Dec (2023)Kumono
Hualian Sanrio PinsNov - Dec (2023)Anno
Zany He XuanOct - Dec (2023)Kimno
Oct. Charity PinsOct - Jan (2023-4)Kirano
Project TitleTimeframeShipped ByLimited Edition?
MDZS + Ranwan RestockJan (2024)Kirano
Instock SaleFeb (2024)Kimn/a
MXTX Winter ChibisJan - March (2024)Kumono
Fox/Ferret Hualian Restock POJan - March (2024)Anno
MXTX Terrarium Restock POFeb - April (2024)Kirano
New Feb. POFeb - May (2024)Kumono
MXTX Crepes/Parfaits POMarch - May (2024)Kimno
Lan Duo/Dianxia Hong'er POMarch - June (2024)Kimno


This is a tentative schedule of our upcoming and in-progress projects.
The dates are subject to change at any time.
For a list of completed PPC projects, click here.Note: P4P preorders are always limited, but all designs (except for Limited ones) may be restocked in the future so do not worry if you miss a first-run preorder!
Drop times are usually always at 10 AM HST (Hawaiian Standard Time).

Project TitleTimeframeShipped byLimited?Status
Charity: Torikii MXTX PinsMarch - JuneKimnoproduction
May PreorderMay - Aug (2024)Kimnoproduction
July PreorderJuly - Oct (2024)KimnoPOs in July


this is not an extensive list, nor does it mean that all artists here have long-standing arrangements with PPC.

❀ ZANY ❀

Hi!! Zany here! I'm just a clown who loves hot men and cute stuffs. Hua cheng can step on me anytime 💅


Hi I'm Jiphee! A lover sparkles and bishies ✨ヾ(。´▼`。)ノ゙✨
Thank you so much for all your support~💖


Hi! I'm Nin. I'm in danmei hell and I love MXTX, Ranwan and YanShen! 💖✨


I am Starlight, but you can call me Star! I like drawing cute things, especially Binghe ~


Hi! I’m Makki. A devoted worshipper of Xie Lian. I love drawing chibis and cute things! I greatly appreciate the support that I’ve received!<3


Hey there, this is Rene! ⭐ I saw a Shen Qingqiu fanart on 2018, and that was the end for me ° v°)b


Hi! I’m Ramsha; I adore WangXian, Yibo, and watermelons! Thank you all for the support 🙏🏼🧡


bio: Hello there! I'm Kim, and I am probably way too obsessed with painted metal things.role: organization, finance, production, shipping lead, social media, communications, etc.

shipping assistants

Only currently active assistants are listed here.

❀ KUMO ❀

bio: hi i'm kumo, i like too many things and collect too much merch! i cosplay when the mood strikes and hang out with lots of dogs all day^^

❀ KIRA ❀

bio: hiii, I'm kira and I get obsessed with too many things at once with no room for all the merch

❀ AN ❀

bio: hello an here, lover of merch and all pretty/cute things